Flowback And Well Testing Equipment Fabrication

Flowback EquipmentFlowback is the process of recovering the fracturing fluids from a well. Along with this recovery there is usually also some hydrocarbons present which can be filtered out and sold. While this is being done the well is also simultaneously being tested to gather valuable information about the composition and contents of the well which in turn further shape the recovery processes. Thus the Flowback/Well Testing equipment is extremely important and for this reason STI Group uses only the highest fabrication standards.

High Quality

STI Group manufactures and fabricates high quality flowback and well testing equipment. Each piece of equipment is constructed for maximum durability, efficiency, and accuracy. Our quality control and assurance process adheres to rigorous testing and performance standards. We ensure the equipment not only meets the required guidelines but also works properly before going into production.


The design of each piece of equipment is based on the specific set of needs and requirements the individual project calls for. We communicate and collaborate through an iterative design process until the end result meets the specifications to successfully complete the job. We know that your needs are not the same on each job-site and there are inherent obstacles that can easily be overcome by customizing certain aspects of the flowback and well testing equipment.

As an early innovator of skid mounted and trailer mounted equipment, we can design with mobility in mind from the start. This approach provides the added ease of usability and convenience of expertly engineered equipment that can be delivered and installed in a much quicker turnaround. Skid mounted units offer many benefits in terms of strength, easy transport, security, and stability. Trailer mounted units offer customers the advantage of enhanced maneuverability and greater access. We can help you determine if one of these options is viable for your needs and what the cost/benefit analysis would be.

Quick and Efficient Production

Flowback Equipment FabricationRegardless of the breadth of customization and the level of complexity in the manufactured testing equipment, STI Group offers the same great advantages in terms of our fabrication process. In addition to the convenient, modular nature of the equipment we fabricate, we are also able to work on a fast, efficient timeline. The time savings on both ends provides a return that can be realized both monetarily as well as the reduced time to production.

The whole process is accomplished at our six, state-of-the-art fabrication facilities located throughout Texas. They include:

  • Buna, Texas with a 50,000 sq. ft facility
  • Beaumont, Texas with a 24,000 sq. ft facility
  • Bridge City, Texas with a 65,000 sq. ft facility
  • Vidor, Texas with a 85,000 sq. ft facility
  • Port Arthur, Texas with a 30,000 sq. ft facility
  • McAllen,Texas with a 35,000 sq. ft facility

All of these locations are well equipped and designed to specialize in various areas of production and fabrication. They come with a great, well-trained staff and an efficient system of operation. Please contact us for more information about our flowback and well testing equipment so that we can discuss the best unit for you.