Flowback And Well Testing Equipment Design Process

Flowback EquipmentIn the oilfield Flowback equipment is often synonymous with Well Testing equipment. The preference in the terminology used is often indicative of the need they have for the equipment. Not all operators of this equipment have exactly the same needs and that is why STI Group offers flexible, varied designs that can be tailored to best fit the concerns of the required usage. We have the capability to use existing designs or new designs for our flowback and well testing equipment.

Existing Equipment Designs

If your current equipment design meets your requirements then we can match the specifications in the manufacturing process. Our experienced manufacturing and fabrication capabilities provide us the ability to take your existing plans and reproduce the equipment to your satisfaction.

New Equipment Designs

In other cases the customer may have liked their previous design; however, they might want to standardize their fleet or implement certain changes. This is a great way to make the associated maintenance and operating workload easier to manager. If this is the case then STI Group can easily accommodate this need, by taking an existing design and making changes for the customer on a 3D modeling program. This modeling program allows the customer to get a visual representation of their new design so that they will know exactly what to expect and so that they can make changes as necessary.

The bottom line is that we don’t want to make your needs adjust to the available equipment options but rather allow us to adjust the equipment to fit your needs.

The Design Experience

Well Testing EquipmentWe also place a strong emphasis on customer service and building a great working relationship with our customers. That means that even if you aren’t completely sure whether a new design or an existing design is ideal for your circumstances we are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss everything so that you can weigh the pros and cons.

Here are a few more benefits of our our manufacturing process for your Flowback and Well Testing Equipment:

Single Point of Contact – We know that there is an important human dynamic involved in any working relationship. That is why we provide you with a single point of contact throughout the entire process from design to delivery.

Interactive Design – Our interactive design process is seamless and simple to use for maximum convenience and customer experience.

Fully Customizable – Regardless of your particular design concerns we are happy to customize our equipment to meet your needs. Whatever you have in mind we can make it happen. We are here to manufacture your vision.

Versatility – Our designs and units are very flexible. They can be mounted on trailers or skid mounted as you see fit.

We are available to discuss other important aspects of your order such as the estimated timeline or production concerns. Contact us to discuss your needs in more depth to create a solution that works for you.