Production Equipment Design Process

STI Group realizes that not all oil or gas wells are the same. The geology of the area may differ and the type of well in use may also differ. For this reason we offer as much flexibility as possible to our customers in terms of what type of production equipment design they need to utilize so that they can get the best design possible for each type of well.

Established Designs

We can use well-established, tried and true designs for your production equipment if that is what you are looking for. These types of designs will have a proven value and will be applicable in a number of different settings. Rest assured that these designs are of the utmost in quality. Going with an established design for the production equipment at your well is a great way to ensure success.

New Designs

However, you may want to customize your design so that you can focus on different concerns. For that reason, we can also create a completely customized set of production equipment for your oil or gas well. This option is ideal for customers who have a well with a specific set of unique, individual needs. We will consult with you one on one so that we can determine the best design for your own particular set of circumstances and then create an optimal design based on that.

Whichever route you want to go STI Group is here to help with top of the line production equipment that you can count on. We can also get the equipment out to you on a very fast turnaround time. This is because we have such an efficient manufacturing system and have a full range of resources available to us. Our speedy production time will allow you to minimize your downtime while you are waiting for your equipment.

STI Group can also provide modular fabrication solutions. This modular fabrication is very useful for oil and natural gas well equipment because it allows the units to be easily transported in multiple parts to the well site. Once the equipment arrives at its final location it is a simple, quick process to get the equipment operational. This will save our customers quite a bit of time and stress and will also once again improve efficiency.