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STI Group offers one-on-one, personalized point of contact; delivering seamless design and manufacturing integration. Your company will partner with a dedicated STI Group design team, with no middle man, offering unparalleled communication skills that speak your language.

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We provide the oil and gas industry turnkey production equipment solutions and pride ourselves on quick turnarounds on custom orders and our ability to manufacture and deliver defect-free products of outstanding quality at competitive prices.

For fast set-up economical installation, we offer turnkey skid-mounted units that incorporate all the necessary equipment, such as separators, heaters, vessel, drip, meter run, meter house and any valves and controls per customer specifications.
[uds-billboard name=”production-equipment”] Our in-house engineering specialists offer interactive design capabilities providing real time changes as you request them and reveals visual confirmation of your project direction online for your viewing. If required, we will bring our interactive design process to your facility or work site. STI Group design teams are flexible in order to facilitate your project request.

Product Line

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Modular Well Hook-up & Containment System

Wellsite Modular Package | STI Group Oilfield

STI Group is manufacturing patent pending Modular Well Site Hook up and Containment Skids. These units are an exceptional self contained concept,  mobile environmental friendly, oil processing spill containment system.

Skid set up is extremely fast and efficient, providing well hook up weeks ahead of conventional time frame.

STI Group has developed many innovative products and procedures since 1978 that have assisted companies worldwide in with their pursuit of Crude. We recently introduced the Modular Well Hook-up Containment System that will soon become one of STI Group’s most stellar patented accomplishments.

With the world focused on initiatives that promote” Green” technology which will save our  environment in the event of a spill or natural disaster, STI Group has spent the time and money  to develop a patented “Containment System” that is  sure to eliminate   the worldwide  unwanted exposure we all experience when a spill occurs.

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From South Texas to South Africa, STI Group has the capability of servicing all your well hook-up requirements, in a timely manner.

STI Group-Oilfield Services understands that time is money, and that the environment contains precious resources that we cannot take for granted.  This is the reason why have developed the “Modular Well Hook-up & Containment System.” To provide you with the most time and cost efficient way to set up your single well hook-up’s, as well as your multi-well hook-up’s, all done in the most environmentally friendly way.

System Overview:

Well Site Package Contents (single well package):

  • Production Skid
  • Heater Treater Skid
  • Tank Battery
  • A Set of Raceway Skids

*Excludes Compressors, Well-Head, Safety Systems, and Controllers

System Info/Benefits:

  • Estimated hook-up time is 5 to 7 days vs. the conventional 14 to 25 days, saving hundreds of hours in labor and insurance costs; there is a savings of 20-30 percent off the normal conventional installation costs. (Single Well Hook-up)
  • System is fabricated, delivered, and installed by STI Group-Oilfield Service’s expert staff-in turn removing all exposure to the end user.
  • Maintains requirement for a legal unpermitted load.
  • Built-in self contained skid:
  • Allows proper disposal of waste products
  • Reduces footprint of traditional well site containment i.e. (Earthen Berm)
  • Mitigates ground containment
  • Creates a clean and presentable well site on landowners property
  • Tank battery containment liner increases protection of soil
  • Increased lengths of hard piping, results in a reduced number of flanged connections, decreasing the possibility of leaks

Modular well hook-up & containment system meets or exceeds government, environmental and landowner requirements for well hook-ups and containment.

Patent Pending , STI Group-Oilfield Services products are a result of over 30 years of fabrication experience along with an innovative team of professionals.

Quotes: STI Group-Oilfield Services can produce a quote immediately based on the information given. STI Group-Oilfield Services design team along side of your engineering staff can produce a beneficial design to meet your specific needs.

*Patent Pending*