Manufactured Products

STI Group’s project design capabilities deliver you the most cost effective return on investment. From skid-mounted, trailer-mounted, or non-mounted equipment, we provide you the most customized product to meet all of your specifications. We manufacture your vision.

Modular fabrication involves creating equipment and process systems off-site in a fabrication shop and then delivering it in its completed form to customers so that it can be quickly and easily installed. This offers a number of major benefits over traditional, in-field construction that can drastically improve the efficiency and overall success of a construction project.

Safety and Quality

Above all else, STI Group emphasizes safety and quality with all of its products and services. We would never ship or deliver a product which is not up to our standards.. Modular fabrication allows STI Group to guarantee an even higher level of safety and quality because it creates a more controlled environment in which everything can be meticulously tested and evaluated prior to shipment.

STI Group strictly adheres to all industry standards for each of the products and equipment it ships. Modular fabrication allows us to monitor standards more carefully, gain a greater consistency in materials used, as focus on the fabrication process itself. Once one of our modular products does ship, you can rest assured that we have the utmost confidence in its quality and safety.

Efficiency and Speed

Another major benefit offered by modular fabrication is the enhanced production efficiency and speed. Whether our customers are ordering new or replacements parts, we realize that time is of the essence. In the oil and gas industry downtime usually translates to money lost on potential production and overall operations at a standstill. Fortunately our modular fabrication process enables us to complete our customers’ orders as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Modular fabrication facilitates accomplish this speed and efficiency because it allows us to work in our state-of-the-art fabrication shops where we have the full range of tools and resources conveniently at our disposal. Additionally we will not lose time due to weather delays or other environmental factors which on-site construction crews would be at the mercy of. Our fabrication shops are also staffed with highly trained and experienced workers.

Cost Effectiveness

Modular fabrication is also very cost effective. In fact time and time again we find that modularly fabricated units end up costing much less than their component-based, site-built counterparts. As we described above it allows for greater quality and safety as well as enhanced speed and efficiency. The greater quality and safety means that we are able to avoid costly accidents and the need for excessive repairs and replacements.

The enhanced speed and efficiency of modular fabrication means that we can work more quickly, reduce labor hours, buy parts, and generally work with an overall focus toward the bigger picture. We pass along these savings to our customers. Rest assured, however, that the lower cost and greater speed in no way impacts the high quality of the finished product.


One of the single most beneficial aspects of modular fabrication is the convenience that it offers to customers. This convenience takes many forms, including:

  • Faster Installation – A unit modularly fabricated can be installed, up and running much more quickly than a traditional unit.
  • Reduced Downtime – Downtime equals lost productivity and profits for our customers, which is why it is imperative that the amount of disruption to daily operations be minimized. We are able to reduce disruption by fabricating everything off-site then quickly installing the finished product.
  • Asset Mobility – A unit created with modular fabrication also offers greater mobility. Such units can typically be transported much easier, installed and uninstalled as needed, and conveniently stored.
  • Space Efficiency – Modular fabrication also allows everything to be created with an eye toward greater space efficiency. This makes the units less obtrusive and easier to work with.

In terms of safety, quality, speed, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and convenience modular fabrication is able to deliver the results that customers need. Everything we create is done according to customer specs and we look forward to working closely with each customer to deliver the superior modular fabrication that they can count on from STI Group.