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Tower & Vessels

STI Group provides industrial tower, column, vessel, and tray installation and repair services. Our experience and expertise in tower and vessel services is drawn from routinely servicing some of the largest companies in the industry. We can handle all of your tower and vessel maintenance needs from maintenance tasks to more extensive shutdowns and turnarounds. We also have extensive service with capital projects. From the top of the towers to the bottom in the trenches, our service coverage can meet your project’s unique needs comprehensively.


Project execution


Uncompromising safety

Image depicting a refinery with a towering boiler and vessels, showcasing the essential infrastructure of the refining process.
Our Tower and Vessel Service Advantage

STI Group routinely performs the following for towers and vessels:

  • Retraying Entire Towers
  • Vessel Fabrication
  • General Repairs
  • Upgrades
  • Modifications
  • Re-ratings
  • Refurbishments
  • Maintenance
  • Turnarounds

Our experience counts when you are looking for cost effective, proven consistent results. In addition to our tower services, we provide world-class ASME vessel fabrication. We want to make it as easy and convenient for our customers as possible to receive the vessel services needed. This is why we can perform many of our services either in-shop in our facilities, or onsite at our customers’ locations. We do NBIC R stamp vessel repairs, modifications and re-ratings. We want to create a lasting relationship as your turnkey tower and vessel services provider.