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Concrete Services

STI Group is committed to providing the highest level of quality in its concrete services for civil construction.


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Concrete Services

STI Group is committed to providing the highest level of quality in its concrete services for civil construction. We rigorously adhere to the standards set by the American Concrete Institute (ACI). We offer a full range of concrete construction services including the following:


Concrete footers provide the foundation of the structure. They must be laid very carefully, using quality cement, to ensure the stability and strength of the facility that will be built on top of them. STI Group is experienced in working with concrete footers and makes their strength and reliability a priority as part of our overall commitment to safety and quality.

Concrete Paving

STI Group uses high grade concrete and follows the guidelines set by the ACI to make sure that the concrete paving provided for the project is durable and long lasting.

Structural Concrete

Structural concrete is a type of load-bearing concrete which provides crucial support to the overall structure. It must be very high strength and reliable since the structural integrity of the building depends on it. STI Group rigorously meets all structural concrete codes and works carefully to ensure that our structural concrete is of the highest level.


Concrete piers are another fundamental part of the overall foundation of the developed facility. They typically rest against the concrete footer and help spread the weight load of the building. STI Group constructs high integrity concrete piers for our civil construction clients.


Concrete columns also help support the building and provide structural strength. In addition to using quality concrete they must be designed properly and poured and cast carefully. STI Group’s experience as an EPC and general contracting firm gives us the resources and background we need to handle concrete projects effectively.


Concrete slabs provide an important foundation on which the structure will rest. It is essential that the concrete slab be stable and secure to serve as the base for the facility and infrastructure. STI Group is committed to laying safe, strong, secure concrete slabs.

From our experienced, dedicated workers to our industry-leading EPC and general contracting services, STI Group has what it takes to provide outstanding concrete services. We will get the job done on-time and on-budget without sacrificing quality or cutting corners. We make safety, integrity, and service a top priority as we perform civil construction concrete services.