STI Group provides boiler retrofits,modifications, conversions, upgrades, installs and full scope boiler improvements that create efficient boiler reliability. With increasing boiler age, the natural result is decreased reliability, that’s a given.

Consequently, a boiler doesn’t perform as well after years of service as it did when first installed. Component retrofits and upgrades can save you considerably, because old boilers are just less efficient and there are usually strong economic incentives to consider. In many instances, boiler improvement projects can be completed at a fraction of the cost of new construction.

Retrofitting existing process equipment can sometimes be very complicated– since often you do not know the amount or type of work that has to be performed until the equipment is shutdown and investigated.

There can be internal & external obstacles to overcome, problems unseen, that STI Group Boiler has been exposed to before and from these past experiences know exactly how to execute our work strategies and methods for your projects.

We know how to do retrofits, and having said this, we back it up with action that is safe, efficient and cost effective for our clients. Our years of experience in this type of work will prove to you that STI Group Boiler will be your one and only Boiler retrofit service provider to call when you are needing professional, qualified, and on time productivity.