Emergency Response

STI Group provides and executes with seasoned professionals in the emergency repairs of package and utility boilers, HRSGs, furnaces, and fired heaters.

We provide turnkey emergency and planned plant outages with ASME certified procedures, coded welders for tubing, piping,  and pressure vessel modifications.

STI Group-Boiler thrives in the Quick and Perceptional response to Clients in all type Facilities all over the United States, no matter what type Boiler or Pressure Vessel service or repair it might be, STI Group-Boiler has you covered.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Response
  • Experienced Management & Staff
  • Experienced Boilermakers & Tube Welders
  • Dedicated Manpower & Tooling

Our supervision is consistently proven to be the best you can have on your jobsite. We have a following of seasoned craftspeople that give you focused, disciplined approach to safety and quality on your jobsite. We provide you the added value that is the foundation of our day to day operations. We offer personal service and perform as instructed.

We know tension is high where quick response is mandatory and we excel in those personal one on one communications that make your project a complete success. STI Group-Boiler is your Emergency Response Specialist, at the end of the day, you will be glad we have partnered with you for your emergency service needs.