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How STI Group Services The Marcellus Shale Formation

The Marcellus Shale Formation is one of the major US oil and gas plays. This important region has been receiving more and more attention in the oil and gas industry over the last several years as a result of an updated, and greatly increased estimate of how much natural gas is present throughout the play, as well as advances in drilling technology which make recovery of its natural gas resources much more lucrative and attainable. As a result companies and investors are pouring in to take advantage of the opportunities that the Marcellus area offers.


STI Group is aware of the importance of the Marcellus Shale. We have a strong commitment to provide our customers with the services they need, when and where they need it. We  have two locations right in the very heart of the Marcellus Shale Formation. With one location in Uniontown, PA and the other in Towanda, PA, we have the ability to offer the full, comprehensive selection of services our customers have come to know and expect from STI Group. What follows is a sampling of some of the major services we offer to facilitate drilling, natural gas recovery and piping in the region.

Pipeline Installation/Construction

One of the first things that has to be done before a major natural gas play such as the Marcellus Shale Formation can reach its full potential is the laying down of the infrastructure of pipelines which will transport the gas. STI Group is on top of this challenge. We fabricate and construct high quality piping that we can customize to suit our customers’ needs. The Marcellus Shale Formation is geographically located below some very complicated terrain that can make the logistics involved in laying down a pipeline very difficult. In places the land is very rocky, often uneven, covered by trees, or even extending into mountainous areas. While this challenge increases the difficulty in installation, our experience and proven methods make the job run quickly and successfully. Being a dual service provider of both the fabrication and installation gives us the competitive advantage to complete the job faster and with more efficiency.

Compressor & Transmission Station Construction

For natural gas to continue its journey through the pipelines, it must remain compressed under a steady amount of pressure. To keep the gas moving at a steady pace it is necessary for it to undergo compression at regular intervals. This pressurization is maintained at compression and transmission stations. Without these important stations the entire process would lose flow and not effectively reach its intended destination. STI Group manufactures and constructs compressor and transmission stations. We also have the flexibility of being able to build these stations to the required specifications our customers need. Whether you need high capacity stations or lower capacity, big stations or small, we are able to construct it. You can be assured that the stations we build are dependable and high quality to meet and exceed project requirements. Other great benefits we offer in terms of compressor and transmission stations is our modular fabrication capabilities. Our modular fabrication process enables easy transportation to the station’s site facilitating a fast, convenient setup. We also run a very streamlined, efficient production process so we can get your stations built and on project schedule.

Oil & Gas Gathering Plants

Oil and gas gathering plants are an essential part of the natural gas recovery process. Before the natural gas can be transported via the main pipeline system it must first be processed. This important processing is done at the oil and gas gathering plants. STI Group assists customers by constructing these oil and gas gathering plants. We also construct and install the pipelines needed to transport the natural gas to the plants for processing. In addition we will perform maintenance at the plants to ensure safety, efficiency, and maximum productivity. Once the natural gas has been processed it can then be piped through the main pipelines.

PIG Launchers/Receivers

Regardless of whether the pipeline is a smaller gathering pipeline or a major interstate pipeline, it is essential that it be kept clean and well maintained. One of the best ways to accomplish this routine cleaning and maintenance is through the use of PIGs (Pipeline Inspection Gauges). PIGs travel through the pipeline removing potentially corrosive buildup and thereby also making the pipeline more efficient. In the case of “Smart PIGs” they also gather important information about the pipeline. PIGs accomplish their cleaning and maintenance all without the necessity of flushing the pipeline or ceasing transportation of the oil or natural gas. Instead, they are simply loaded into PIG launchers which release the PIGs into the pipeline and then at the end of their route they are caught by PIG receivers and safely removed from the pipeline. STI Group produces PIG launchers and receivers to accomplish these crucial tasks.

Manufacturing of Production Equipment

At the very core of the oil and gas industry is the production equipment itself. This includes such major structures as the oil or gas wells themselves. As part of our full service commitment to customers, STI Group constructs and fabricates this important production equipment. The Marcellus Shale Formation offers some unique challenges in terms of recovery. The joints where the natural gas is located are vertical rather than horizontal. This means that traditional vertical wells are likely to miss many of the gas pockets. Advancement in drilling technology in the area of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing have made recovery much more efficient and lucrative. STI Group is one of the largest land based drilling rig manufacturer. In addition to constructing the natural gas wells we also use a modular fabrication process. This enables the completed gas well to be transported more conveniently to the well site. Once the gas well arrives it can quickly and easily be assembled and installed. These are just some of the ways in which STI Group services the Marcellus Shale region. First and foremost we are there for our customers and want to work with them one-on-one to determine the best equipment and materials for their needs. From our locations in Uniontown, PA and Towanda, PA we are within reach and can keep in close contact with key people to stay informed of our customers’ needs.