How STI Group Focuses on Health, Safety, and The Environment

February 13, 2014

One of the principal concerns of industrial and energy companies across the nation is an emphasis on health, safety, and the environment, often referred to by the acronym HSE. The reason HSE has become such a high profile topic over the past decade is because laws and regulations such as those published by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) as well as scrutiny from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have coincided with a demand from the public at large for industrial companies to be more HSE oriented. However, for STI Group a focus on HSE isn’t a new trend; it is something that we have held dear from the time of our inception more than 35 years ago in 1978.

Why Is HSE so Important?

STI Group emphasizes HSE because it directly relates to our core values of safety, quality, and integrity. It is also a firm part of commitment to corporate responsibility. Doing the right thing for our people and environment will always be a premise that STI Group has a clear focus on. The ultimate cost of cutting corners, delivering subpar or dangerous products and equipment, and creating hazardous conditions is simply too high a price to pay. That is why our customers have come to depend on STI Group to reliably do the right thing, even when it isn’t the fastest or easiest route to take.

How STI Group Executes an HSE Plan

The key to any successful strategy is in careful planning, deliberate execution, close monitoring of results, and modifications to the strategy where needed. This type of approach is especially important in HSE because so much is riding on the success of the HSE initiative. STI Group approaches HSE in the following ways:

Careful Planning – During this first phase we clarify our HSE objectives. This is seen in our mission statement, corporate responsibility, and company values. It is also a part of each project we undertake as we systematically come up with a plan for safe, responsible execution of each given project.

Deliberate Execution – With our HSE objectives in place we begin to take action in a way that is deliberate, safe, and well thought out. This is illustrated by our HSE compliant fabrication facilities as well as the rigorous training our workers and craftsmen undergo to learn the proper way to perform their tasks without endangering their health and safety or the environment.

Close Monitoring – We continually monitor the results of our HSE plans and ensure that the actions we are taking and the jobsites in which we are working, are HSE compliant. To do this we perform job site audits and daily fit-for-duty evaluation of employees.

Improvement Modifications – STI Group makes improvement modifications wherever needed to our HSE system. We are continually looking for ways to capitalize on our health, safety and environmental advantages and successes while also looking for ways to correct any problems or shortfalls.

STI Group’s Focus on Health

The health and wellness of our employees is the foundation for successful projects and a productive team. We create and maintain healthy working environments that promote wellness. We also utilize an approved vendor list for the materials we work with to ensure that they are non-hazardous and are qualified within strict industry guidelines. Our commitment to people makes the health and well being of our employees, customers, and the general public a top priority for STI Group.

STI Group’s Focus on Safety

A focus on safety is at the core of everything we do at STI Group. We routinely review our safety processes and beliefs to relay the findings and training to every division of our company. Our unwavering commitment to safety is also the reason our customers trust us to handle their turnaround, maintenance, fabrication, and construction needs. These tasks place us in direct contact with high value assets such as heavy machinery and industrial facilities and our safety expertise in invaluable in these environments. STI Group is able to reduce and eliminate these risks with our proven safety strategy.

STI Group’s Focus on Environment

We are servicing America’s energy industry. In order to do that it is crucial that we are stewards of the environment and the natural resources work within. That is why our fabricated parts, equipment, and piping all undergo our rigorous quality control and quality assurance testing. Likewise our maintenance and turnaround services are designed to keep our customers’ industrial machinery and plants in peak operating conditions. This reduces waste by increasing operational efficiency and helps prevent breakdowns and outages.

STI Group Embraces HSE at Every Level

The end result of each of our HSE initiatives is a focus that goes beyond being merely a business objective and becomes an ingrained value. Best HSE practices are not just a concern for our management team, but a daily habit for each of our 2200+ employees. We want everyone within our company, at every level, to feel comfortable voicing any HSE related concerns they may have. STI Group strives to improve health, safety, and environmental standards in every one of the areas we impact.