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Constructing Efficient Central Processing Facilities

The US economy is continuing to ramp up thanks in large part to the continued oil and gas boom throughout the nation. This has created lower fuel and energy costs, helped alleviate reliance on foreign energy sources, and stimulated the economy by creating a host of new jobs throughout the industry and in support sectors. However, these positive effects would not be possible without efficient central processing facilities. Central processing facilities, often known as CPFs, gather crude oil and natural gas from well heads and begin to filter out water, sands, drilling additives, and other unwanted substances. This allows the oil and gas to proceed to the plants and refineries where it can ultimately be converted into saleable fuel, feedstock, and products. Thus, it is imperative that the central processing facilities work efficiently and reliably to process the oil and gas. The key to an efficient central processing facility rests in large part in its construction. Let’s look at several key components to constructing efficient central processing facilities.

Careful Preliminary Assessment

No two construction projects are exactly the same and that is particularly true for central processing facilities. It is vital for the EPC firm leading the construction project to conduct a careful and thorough preliminary assessment. This should involve:
  • Conducting comprehensive risk assessment
  • Mitigating risks
  • Critically examining geographic and environmental challenges
  • Considering the capacity and operational needs of the central processing facility
  • Evaluating budgeting constraints
  • Factoring in the required timeline
  • Planning for proper logistics management
  • Highlighting key obstacles for success
  • Examining resources and opportunities
The elements of preliminary assessment allow the EPC company to begin to formulate a strategy and plan tailored to the demands of the project and client. This allows safety and efficiency to be considered at every step and to be woven into all aspects of the project.

Comprehensive, Quality EPC

A thorough preliminary assessment sets the groundwork, but it takes a high quality, comprehensive EPC firm experienced in construction without the oil and gas industry to truly deliver the safest, most efficient central processing facilities. The EPC company should be experienced in each of the following developmental areas:
  • Site improvement and preparation
  • Shoring and excavation
  • Heavy haul roads
  • Subgrade stabilization
  • Deep foundations
  • Concrete work
The EPC company must also be experts at handling logistics and management. Large-scale construction projects such as central processing facilities can easily go over budget or off schedule; the EPC company needs to have cost control measures in place, accountability, and a series of benchmarks to measure success at each phase of the project.

Optimizing for Efficiency

The central processing facility should be optimized for efficiency during construction to ensure that the final, operating facility is able to meet output and production demands and so that it can quickly recoup capital costs for the client and begin to turn a profit. Fortunately many of the best safety practices, such as using high quality, dependable construction materials and exemplary construction practices, also carry over toward making the facility itself more efficient, reliable, and productive. The facility should be designed and constructed in such a way as to smoothly integrate its component parts and allow for optimal efficiency. If the construction company is also available for maintenance, repairs, turnarounds, and emergency services this can also be very beneficial since the company will have a high depth of knowledge and familiarity with the facility and the client’s needs. STI Group is committed to servicing America’s energy sector and that includes constructing efficient central processing facilities. We are proud to be able to offer the high quality, safe, dependable services discussed above and we will work closely with clients to ensure that the central processing facility we construct is reliable and ideal for their operations.