Civil Construction at The Jefferson Transload Railport

July 1, 2014

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STI Group has been hard at work building the foundation for the Jefferson Transload Railport through our civil construction services. While the overall project remains a work-in-progress, the initial site preparation and foundation work provides the basis for success in the future development of the terminal. Here are a few of the services STI Group has been performing thus far:

Piling – The strength and quality of the project lays in the quality of its piling and deep foundation work.

Site Preparation – From grubbing and land clearing to shoring and excavation, STI Group delivered critical site preparation services as the groundwork for future construction.

Concrete – STI Group has delivered on a variety of concrete work including concrete footers for tank foundations and pipe rack foundations as well as concrete trenches.

Road Work – A project as large as the Jefferson Transload Railport required durable heavy haul roads that could stand up to the demands placed on them by equipment and machinery.

STI Group’s civil construction units will continue to provide services that exceed our clients’ expectations for safety, quality, and functionality.