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Checklist for Selecting a Structural Steel Fabrication Company

The long-term success of any project or industrial facility is heavily dependent on the quality of structural steel that it has supporting it. This makes it extremely important to select a structural steel fabrication company that can complete a project on time and within budgetary constraints without compromising on quality or safety. Let’s take a look at some key qualities for selecting a dependable, high quality structural steel fabrication company.

A Commitment to Service and Value

When researching one’s steel manufacturer options, the possibility of forming a lasting professional relationship with a particular provider should be one of the key elements of the search. The prospect of being entrusted with future business should prompt capable fabricators to offer the absolute best quality possible in hopes of landing future business and fostering a positive professional relationship. This leads into the first desired aspect one should look for in a structural steel fabricator: a commitment to service and value. These high quality services and value-added features may include:
  • Project management
  • Quality control services
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Adherence to project deadlines
  • Shipping considerations
  • Competitive pricing

Strong Customer Service

Going hand in hand with great service and value is the quality of the customer service. It should be easy to interact with the fabricator and communication should be clear and effective. It is particularly useful to have a single point of contact if possible to avoid confusion and miscommunication. Companies must also be kept in the loop when delays occur or when other important aspects of the project change.

Capable Production Capacity

Equally as important as a potential provider’s ability to offer strong customer service is its production capacity. Simply put, a manufacturer cannot deliver on a promise to fill an structural steel order if it lacks the actual capacity to do so. Production capacity includes many elements, such as:
  • Design capabilities
  • Access to materials and manpower
  • Adequate storage facilities

Past Project Experience

These mentioned qualities and resources are often directly related to one thing: experience. It’s difficult to offer such resources right out of the gate. Yet experience should never be assumed, or overlooked. Those providers who have handled large-scale projects in the past bring with them expertise that is invaluable, such as a strong working knowledge of industry compliance standards as well as any codes relevant to a particular job. They also will typically know how and where to best apply resources to a project to help a client stretch a budget the farthest. Having gone through similar projects in the past, such a provider will likely be accustomed to dealing with a project timeline. STI Group is proud to offer industry-leading structural steel fabrication. We are committed to providing the very best in quality and value and are likewise dedicated to providing clear communication and establishing a great professional relationship with our clients. Our extensive production capacity and industry experience make us a natural choice for structural steel fabrication projects of all sizes and scales.