Zap-Lok Gathering Line Construction


The Marcellus Shale has provided an extremely deep supply of natural gas in North America. Proving to be a very lucrative region stretching from New York through Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia…many midstream businesses have doubled down their focus on its natural gas production. With such a vast supply, the Marcellus Shale is still in the early stages of production and will continue to output a large volume of natural gas needing to be distributed throughout the United States.

The Need

With excess supply growing daily, the need for gathering line construction is near an all-time high. It is critical to get the pipelines in place so the natural gas can be distributed to the end-user quickly to increase profitability. One of the innovative products to increase speed in the construction of pipelines is Zap-Lok by NOV Tuboscope. Finding a construction partner with experience in Zap-Lok installation was critical to the project’s success.

The STI Group Solution

STI Group is certified to install Zap-Lok piping with the ability of achieving average construction rates of over 1000 feet per hour. Increasing the speed of installation is only one feature of this innovative product. It also drastically reduces the need for welders, x-rays, and field coatings. The piping is still able to achieve maximal integrity while eliminating unnecessary associated costs.

The Results

There are many obstacles present in the Marcellus Shale region including rocky terrain, steep elevation and inclement weather. These obstacles make construction very difficult and can challenge the scheduled timeline and labor requirements.

  • Pipe ranging in size from 6 inches to 12 inches
  • Over 3500 welds
  • Zap-Lok Piping System
  • Difficult terrain, varying elevation and inclement weather

STI Group was able to overcome these challenges through dedicated project management and a clear focus on reaching the predetermined milestones for each phase of the process.