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Case Studies

STI Group treats each project as an opportunity to earn future work and create a lasting relationship with the client being served

Our projects

Servicing all three phases of the Oil and Gas Industry, our work is backed by experience, expertise and the relentless pursuit of client satisfaction. As a turnkey service provider STI Group partners acts as a single point of contact from design to delivery in most cases.

EPC Pipe Fabrication

Our fabrication projects consist of large capital projects with thousands of spools to one spool orders. On this project STI fabricated and delivered over 5,300 spools. Size ranged from 1/2″ up to 64″ diameter and up 3″ in thickness. Materials on the project included 304SS, SS Group 8 Alloy 20, Duplex, Carbon Steel, and low […]

  • Over 5,300 Spools Fabricated
  • Up to 3" Thickness
  • 1/2"- 64" Diamater
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EPC pipe lying on the ground at a facility, ready for installation in industrial projects.

Aker KFELS Mast Manufacturing and Installation

The mast is one of the most integral pieces in a drilling operation. This steel structure keeps the drilling rig connected with the drilling machinery while allowing easier access to the operating equipment. The vast size of these steel structures make the fabrication and delivery process very comprehensive and time intensive…

  • 21 Ft x 21 Ft Footprint
  • $2.4 Million Project
  • Over 26,000 Man Hours
  • 198 Ft Tall
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Panoramic view featuring Aker KFELS mast manufacturing and installation location

Motiva Crude Expansion Project

The Motiva Refinery, located in Port Arthur, Texas, has a daily crude oil processing capacity of 600,000 barrels per day. The Port Arthur Crude Expansion Project was a $7 billion project as a joint venture between Shell and Saudi Aramco affiliates. The massive capacity makes this not just the largest oil refinery in the nation, but in all of North America…

  • < 0.09% rejection rate
  • Both Carbon Steel and Alloy Fabrication
  • > 8,500 spools built
  • STI was awarded OSBL and Underground piping
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Industrial Services for Motiva Crude Expansion in Port Arthur TX

Transload Oil & Gas Railport

Both the production and the demand for crude oil is at an all-time high in the United States and it is expected to continuing growing exponentially. Strategically, the Southeast Texas region has a distinct advantage in terms of its ability to receive and refine oil and gas and then distribute it to highly concentrated petrochemical facilities within the region…

  • A state-of-the-art railcar
  • A system of automated inventory
  • Direct service by rail carriers
  • A one loop track with 120 railcar unloading stations
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Transload Oil & Gas Railport Construction Beaumont TX

Rain CII Boiler Installation Project

STI Group was selected as the contractor to erect a Waste Heat Boiler and all associated equipment at Rain CII in Sulphur, LA. The project included the erection of the Baghouse, Scrubber, all Pumps, Fans, Motors and Ductwork. The work required the construction and installation of over 10,000 ft of piping…

  • Erection of New Waste Heat HRSG Boiler and interconnecting piping, steel and ductwork
  • Erection of Dustex Scrubber Bag House and all equipment, steel and duct work
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Rain CII Boiler Installation in Sulphur LA