Civil Carpenter

Port Arthur, TX


Job Description

STI Group is seeking full-time civil carpenters in the Port Arthur, TX area.  Job candidates must be proficient in studying and reading blueprints, structural plans, and sketches. Civil carpenters must be able to prepare layouts with grades and lines, shape materials to required measurements, assemble, fasten, and cut materials, fabricate and install framework or partitions, and work in all required settings including at ground level, in elevations, or below ground as needed. Experience, ability to pass drug tests and background checks, and authorization to work within the US are all required. Civil carpenters will need to work within OSHA safety regulations as well as according to safety guidelines set by the client or supervisor.  Please list NCCER Certification in “training & licenses” section of application.

Job Overview and Requirements

  • Must Be authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Must comply with OSHA regulations
  • Ability to study blueprints and sketches
  • Ability to prepare layouts, lines, and grades
  • Ability to fabricate and install framework, concrete forms
  • NCCER Certification a plus
  • Work in settings below ground level, at ground level, and elevated as needed
  • Lifting capability up to 50 lbs
  • Personal commitment to safety
  • May be subject to hair follicle per jobsite requirements

Extra Information

STI Group is a rapidly growing industrial services company that serves America’s energy sector. We have over 2200 employees and are continually expanding into new markets. Our reputation is founded on safety and excellence in service. Civil carpenters are a fundamental component of our many civil construction projects, both large and small. Ideal candidates will need the ability to work in a range of settings, stay focused on motivated, and cooperate with coworkers and supervisors for the good of the project.