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An Overview of STI Group’s Services for the Refining Industry

Operations within the refining industry require constant supervision and vigilant maintenance. Adherence to safety regulations is highly important both when it comes to protecting employees and in ensuring a productive, efficient facility. A running refinery requires a range of industrial services to remain at peak performance levels. STI Group offers comprehensive industrial services for the refining industry. What follows is an overview of some of our key services for the refining sector.

Efficient Turnarounds

Efficient industrial turnarounds are crucial for success, safety, and profitability of industrial refineries. However, industrial turnarounds are also extremely expensive, labor-intensive projects that can quickly get out of hand if they are not carefully managed. STI Group provides quality turnaround services to industrial refineries including:
  • Planning services that carefully outline and map everything that will need to be done. This includes precise scheduling and project management specialized to a refinery’s particular needs.
  • Careful monitoring of turnaround progress and benchmarks, including real-time updates on any new developments, delays, or other deviations from the turnaround schedule.
  • Thorough planning in combination with meticulous record-keeping to fine-tune future turnarounds.

The Importance of Safety

STI Group makes safety our top priority. This is especially important within the refining industry where flammable and volatile chemicals are in play and regulation and oversight is high. To ensure that projects for the refining industry are as safe as possible, we routinely screen employees for drugs, illness, or any other impairment that might compromise their fitness for duty. In addition we provide ongoing safety training to ensure that all teams are fully updated on all OSHA regulations.

Providing the Best Products and Equipment

A refinery requires specialized, professionally fabricated equipment. STI Group provides quality industrial fabrication and equipment combined with a team of experienced, highly trained NCCER/NCCCO-certified craftsmen and welders. We also perform rigorous testing and quality control to ensure that our industrial refining clients get only the best, most reliable equipment and services. STI Group is also able to meet client timelines for refining processes thanks to the implementation of our modular and skid-based fabrication. High-quality modular fabrication leads not only to easy installation, but also to minimal disruption and downtime at the jobsite.

STI Group Provides Reliable Industrial Services to the Refining Industry

When it comes to major, or even minor, project at industrial refineries, only the, most efficient industrial services company will do. STI Group provides this top level service with our decades of industry experience, expert team of welders and craftsmen, state-of-the-art fabrication shops with advanced capabilities, and steadfast commitment to providing excellent service. Our clients within the refining industry can count on us for a full range of industrial services and can rest assured that they will be choosing a team dedicated to experience, quality, and safety.