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An Overview of STI Group’s Services for the Oil & Gas Production Sector

Oil and gas production companies often operate on a tight margin, making both the price of oil and the costs of extraction and transport extremely important. While of course there is little companies can do to affect the price of oil, it is imperative that they get the best prices and quality possible when it comes to equipment, fabrication, and services. STI Group provides the quality, safety, and reliability oil and gas production companies need to maximize success.

The Oil & Gas Production Industry Is Continually Evolving

The oil and gas production industry is continually evolving and it is crucial that both the production companies themselves and the industrial services companies that serve them keep up with these changes. Recently, this sector has gone through considerable change because of the discovery of new, better ways to drill. This has expanded options for places to drill and opened up exciting new drilling possibilities in places that were previously thought inaccessible or unviable. Because of these changes, the industry’s need for high-quality pipelines and other production equipment shot up and still remains high. STI Group has responded to this need by providing top quality products and equipment and providing those products quickly, reliably, and with extreme precision.

Quality Manufactured Production Equipment & Pipeline Solutions

A key product for oil and gas companies is the pipeline. Pipelines allow natural gas and crude oil to be quickly and efficiently transported from one place to another. To successfully create reliable pipelines, fabrication companies must have state-of-the-art facilities with ample fabrication space and a team of highly qualified welders and craftsmen. STI Group has these resources. Our facilities hold the ASME “S”, “U” and NBIC R stamps and we employ NCCER, ASME and AWS-certified workers to ensure that our oil and gas production customers receiving nothing but the highest quality pertaining to fabrication and services.

Efficient, Cost-Effective Products and Services

There is no place for unreliable industrial services companies who miss deadlines or deliver sub-par products in the oil and gas industry. Successful service companies like STI Group are fully aware of client time restrictions and able to finish jobs with minimal disruption to oil and gas operations. Clear and open communication, combined with a dedicated point of contact are must-haves. It is also essential to to recognize that oil and gas production equipment projects often have strict budgets that cannot be deviated from. We work hand in hand with company management to get the job done right, on time and on budget. Efficiency from start to finish and processes that involve modular, turnkey processes are effective ways to keep costs in check without sacrificing quality.

STI Group Has the Proven Track Record and Experience for Success

STI Group has earned the right to be called an industry leader in the oil and gas services sector thanks to our over three decades of experience serving clients and keeping up with this fast-moving, ever-changing industry. By being uncompromising on quality assurance, safety, and maintaining a high level of expertise in pipeline solutions and manufactured production equipment, STI Group has built a reputation for success that is backed by the extensive experience, vast resources, and in-depth skills. Our oil and gas production clients can count on us to get the job done right.